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  1. Hello! I am an old friend of Kristin Schultz, and I would love to be a small part of the mission to send your family to Kenya! Do you update your wishlist if you receive things from people? I would like to make this a little project for our family, and I don't want to get things you might already have. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lindsay!! Yes, Kristin told me that you were interested in helping. We are so very appreciative of it and would love to have you share in what God is doing in Kenya. As, I told Kristin, this list will be an ongoing list, in which she will continually collect over the years...and whenever someone is headed to Kenya, they will carry what they can with them, to deliver to us. We will add or delete, if she becomes inundated with an abundance of certain ones. So, whatever you do, will be appreciated! Thank you and God bless!! We would love to add your email address to our email updates that we send monthly to all our supporters. ...if you so wish to.

  2. Awesome! I would love to be added to your list. My email is
    lindsrae at hotmail dot com. God bless!