Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Its Christmas Time

Christmas is almost here.  
Some have asked how they can encourage or bless us doing the holidays. Here are some ways to do so:

**LETTERS/CARDS ONLY to this address: 
Tim and Chrissy Kelly
c/o FTT
Box 3022-00506 
Nairobi Kenya, East Africa

Letters and cards cost about a $1 to send and takes about a month to receive.

**PACKAGES ONLY to this address: 
Tim and Chrissy Kelly
c/o Jason Witt 
PO Box 424 
Garissa Kenya 70100 
East Africa

Packages can be spendy to send and there is equal cost to us to retrieve it (i.e. whatever it costs you to send a package, will cost us the same amount to retrieve it) . If you send a package, please send to the GARISSA ADDRESS as the cost is less for us to retrieve it. Also, no packages can be picked up in December but anytime after that is okay. (Do not write an itemized list of your package or estimate the value of it...just indicate that it is gifts. ) Packages may take up to a month to get.

Please also let us know if you send a package, so we can be looking for it.

An alternative to sending packages is to send it with someone traveling here. We are expecting several visitors in this next year, and they may be willing to carry stuff over with them. Contact us, if you wish to do so via this route.

As always, monetary gifts are by far the easiest way to bless our family. Checks can be made out to:
Tim Kelly

and can be mailed to:

Bob Wigman 
1300 Longtail Beach Road, 
Suamico WI 54173 . 

All monetary gifts are directly deposited into our personal checking account and we receive it almost immediately.

Thank you and God Bless!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Ministry Need / A Ministry Opportunity

We have been reflecting on many things lately, especially in lieu of the
events of over a week ago that shook and greatly affected the people
of this city, this country, this nation
and even parts of the world.

Its moments like that, when you are most vulnerable, is when God begins to show more clearly of who He is, what He wants to say to us and Who our perspective is to be fixed firmly on.  
Its times like this that we must draw our eyes off the situation and focus firmly on Him, back to His purposes, His Kingdom plan, ultimately what God is wanting to do in and through each one of us.

How this must grieve God's heart. God's heart is that none should perish.  
Yet in the midst of the perishing…
His light, His hope, His peace will continue to go forth.

We are reminded again why we are called to be here
That there is a lost and dying world, full of evil around us,
who desperately need to know Jesus.  
He is the ONLY truth, the ONLY way and the ONLY life.  
Without Him, there is no hope, no peace and no salvation.

A large part of what we are doing here is to train and equip others to bring that message of Hope and Salvation.
The Kelly family and 
YOU back home 
are called to carry the message of:
"Christ in us, the Hope of Glory"

Many of you know of our year long effort to raise funds to not only get here to Kenya, but to more importantly start and set up our family/household here, and begin to minister and fulfill the responsibilities and leadership roles we have been called to take on.

Our objective goal was to raise $130,000.  
You helped us raise about $110,000.  

Praise God for His faithfulness, through the hundreds of selfless gifts and sacrifices many of you have made in order to see us reach that goal.   

We initially, felt that what had been raised was significant to get us here, knowing full well that the additional $20,000 left to meet our goal was the amount we needed to purchase a ministry vehicle. We believed that at a later time, we would focus on raising funds for that.   

Our intention was to take the first few months to settle in,
before we began to focus on that need.

However, in lieu of circumstantial events, the knowledge that in less than 8 months Tim will be completely shifted into his new role, his ministry schedule, training and responsibilities have been commencing forward.

Tim has started focusing on becoming actively involved in ministry related responsibilities: such as meetings, building relationships with key contacts, regular travels to up country through rugged terrain, busy schedules, language school starting this next month, meeting with people, etc.

All to say, his schedule does not often coordinate well with the kids school schedule of drop off and pick up times along with ever changing traffic patterns and delays in daily travel commutes.

With just the use of one vehicle, it puts a strain on the things that need to be done every day - daily life.  If our van were to have problems (which it did sunday), we would be stranded with no means to accomplish those things we have to get done each and every day.

We have been very frugal and careful with our delegated funds, thus far.

HOWEVER:  life has thrown us a few setbacks that we had not anticipated nor prepared for:

1)  Visa entry's that we so desperately needed to ensure our stay in Kenya was delayed and shut down for well over into a month past our arrival.

2) Our shipping container which had arrived unexpectedly 3 weeks early ahead of our arrival, and then because of the visa delay - forcing us to pay an additional $10,500 of taxes and duty fees in order to regain possession of it.

3) Our house, (which we are still waiting to get in to - 8 weeks later) prevented us from moving our container items in - forcing us to purchase a stationary container to lock our possessions in until we can move in - an additional $3,000

3) New Kenyan laws that require children attending school to pay an additional visa fees in order to go to school:  additional: $300

Tim has been scouting around Nairobi, with the assistance of someone who knows vehicles, has found a vehicle that will work well for our needs and well suited for what it is intended for:

2000 Land Cruiser GX  (14 yrs old)
          4WD, diesel engine
          Strong and durable for rugged terrain
          Capacity to hold our family plus a few extra passengers
          Very good shape and condition

The asking cost is:  $33,000
(remember that vehicles are twice as expensive as in the states - no matter how old they are)

Here is where we are asking you for your help.  We need to raise this amount in a very short time to purchase our ministry vehicle. (Vehicles tend to sell very quickly, especially if they are in good - to very good condition.)

Please will you consider doing one or some or all of the following:

1.  We need you to PRAY with us.  Will you intercede on our behalf - asking for God's provision for this need?
2.  SHARE our need with others.  Its amazing how often it is easier to ask for others rather than for ourselves - especially if you believe in what is being asked for.   
3.   PARTICIPATE - perhaps you have a fundraising idea or can take part in promoting one that is already ongoing.  If 1,000 people donated $33 each...we could meet that goal.  Perhaps you don't know a thousand people - but if you share with three people who then share with three more...and on and on it goes from there.
4.  GIVE - if God puts in on your heart, and you are able to give, every amount matters - whether big or small.

When we were praying about this need, we clearly felt God telling us to share our need and to "ASK" our readers, our supporters, our Facebook friends, the blog world.

We don't know how God will work this all out.  We do know that God is asking us to take yet another "leap" of faith and to trust Him.

Thank you for allowing us to share this with you!  
Thank you for your partnership in all of this - big or small!  

**IF you feel led to give towards our ministry vehicle fund:

Please message us through either:
FaceBook:  Kelly’s in Kenya Page
Blog:  www.kellysinkenya.blogspot.com
email: kellyfamily2kenya@gmail.com
for more information as to where to send your donation
and how it is to be made out.  

We love and appreciate you!  Your prayers and support is beyond priceless to us!!   We value greatly the hedge/wall of protection that your prayers provide for us daily!!

May God bless you abundantly above and beyond what you can imagine!

Tim and Chrissy
McKenna, Tom, Kaden and Micah

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Potholes, Pedestrians, Patience and Perserverance

Our apologies for having such a long gap between posts.  Just as you may have been waiting to hear how things are going with us,  we’ve been busy doing a lot of waiting for things to go forward for us on our end.  

We have been able to take care of some things that we need to do in order to live here and function in as much of a normal way as possible.  For example some things we have done are:  

setting up necessary accounts for school
sending and receiving funds, 
mobile accounts, 
internet accounts, 
dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments
sitting in traffic

meeting key contacts for various aspects of life here,

meeting daily with the contractor building our house, 
waiting on visa paperwork, lots of driving, 
getting the kids started and functioning in school, 

sitting in traffic
checking the progress of our house, 
making friends both at school and outside of school, 
sitting in traffic
learning to drive and navigate around Nairobi, 
participating in moms in touch group, 
daily interactions with people as you go about your business, 
praying for our kids and with our kids, 
new youth group for Tom,
shopping for groceries, 
sitting in traffic, 
making decisions, cooking, helping kids with homework, 
picking up house materials, 
school activities, correspondence with people back in the states, 
meetings with people who we will be involved with in ministry, going to church
sitting in traffic, etc.  

Some days, it doesn’t seem like we have accomplished much apart from sitting in traffic and waiting to get from one place to another, yet in the scheme of things...we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing right now and even if it takes several hours to accomplish one thing, that is what we are supposed to do.

I suppose for most people, the thought of having to sit and wait in traffic for close to an hour just to drive less than two miles, would probably drive them insane.  It would probably drive us crazy too, except for the part that we realize that that is just how it is here and so much an integral part of our day and what we will do every day.  Sometimes, it may involve standing in line for over 4 hours to inquire about an important document, then only told to come back in 3 weeks.  Whatever it is that causes us to wait, our tendency is not wanting to or having to wait. The thought of having to wait goes against our american time standards and sometimes leads to a sense of frustration and irritation.   

Its been interesting, at least from my perspective that for whatever strange reason...maybe crossing halfway around the world, how my ability to be patient has changed.  That’s not normal for me.

In America, I usually found myself being irritated in waiting for red lights to turn green, because I was in a hurry to accomplish everything on my list of errands to do.  Learning to wait and be patience, has never been my strong suit.  Perhaps that is changing and an area that God wants to teach me more how to wait on Him and not on myself.

So what does potholes, pedestrians, patience and perseverance have in common?  
Potholes: It takes much skill to swerve around potholes that are as  numerous as the spots on a giraffe, and sometimes as large as a small lake.  
Pedestrians: It takes coordination to swerve potholes, while avoiding hitting any pedestrians walking on both sides and middle of the road, while avoiding the motorcyclists, who scoot and weave in and out around you - often times in the opposite direction that they are supposed to take.  All the while making sure that you don’t hit the cars heading towards you doing the same thing.   
Patience: It takes great amounts of patience to endure the back jarring effects of each pothole that you DON’t swerve around and have to go through and to be patient with the people who choose not to “follow” the rules that we think they ought to.
Perseverance:  Without this, you might as well not even get in the car to drive.   In order to get to your destination, you must have perseverance to get on armed with the knowledge of what you must tackle in front of you.

Patience and Perseverance is what enables you not to give up. Patience and perseverance requires you to let go of what and how you think things ought to be done, and to press into God and to live God’s way.

“What happens when we live God’s way? 
He brings gifts into our lives, much the same way that fruit appears in an orchard - things like affection for others, exuberance about life, serenity.  We develop a willingness to stick with things, a sense of compassion in the heart, and a conviction that a basic holiness permeates things and people."   Gal 5:22

“Obstructions and opportunities both have a name.  
But sometimes I know they are one and the same.
What makes the difference is how I face them.
If I avoid them or choose to embrace them.
All day long I must make the choice.
I can choose to to complain or choose to rejoice.
I can move forward and progress every day
Or give up and cave in the effortless way.
God has not promised a life of ease.
It’s not about doing just as I please.
He’s always with me.  He helps me each day.
He is faithful. For me there is no other way.”  G. Foster

Monday, August 12, 2013

We have had quite the adventures
on our journey to Kenya, all starting 7 days ago!!

Micah's first plane ride - LOVED IT!!

First our flight from London was canceled due to a fire that destroyed the airport in Nairobi.  Then we were delayed in London for several days - thankfully, the airlines put us up in a hotel and paid for our stay, with three meals a day. They were very accommodating to us!!  

 (Three VERY zonked kids!!)

 Touring Hounslow, London on a double decker bus

When we arrived in Nairobi, very late Friday night, check in was completely disorganized due to the terminal being completely destroyed, thus complicating the check in procedures.   Which were very rudimentary and back to old school of doing things.   After a two hour wait in the tent to get our passport stamped, we made it to the luggage claim area , which basically they just piled all the luggage onto the runway and you had to search for your pieces in the dark. Very interesting to say the least.

Out of 18 pieces of luggage, checked in, only 10 arrived with us.   We reported our missing pieces and were told to come back each night to see in any more would arrive in later flights.  All that to say, we made it out of the airport 3 hours after we landed.

Saturday, we
celebrated Tim's 44th birthday!  His first birthday in Kenya, filled with thankfulness for the blessing of another year!!

Sunday, jet lag finally caught up with our family.  We took the opportunity to abide by God’s appointed “Day of Rest”.

Great way to start the day!!

Today, we were able to take our kids for their first peek at our new home.  It has about 14 more days of work left to be done.  At that point, then we can begin to possibly shift into our new digs.  

Kenyan Chai - the BEST! 

Micah's first experience with the monkeys! 

The remainder of our day, we took the boys shopping for school supplies and haircuts, registering our new "used" van and getting it insured and finally being able to drive it home. So, excited to have our family wheels!!  

Since Sat, Tim has returned to the airport each night to pick up any luggage that continues to trickle in from the 8 that were/are still in transit. Most nights he doesn't get back here to our guesthouse until well after 1:30 in the morning. Praying that tonight, he is able to pick up the final two pieces that are left yet to come.

Thank you all for praying for us!! It has been quite the adventure so far...but one thing we are very sure of - We are here because God has called us to be here. He never promises that life will be easy...but He does promise to ALWAYS be with us and He is in control of ALL things!

Monday, August 5, 2013


“How are you doing?” seems to be the common question of late.  Asked more times than we can count or even care to answer at times.  So many emotions, feelings, thoughts.  Overwhelming most of the time.  Hard to express exactly what we feel without tears rising to the surface.  So we simply nod our heads, smile and kind of throw out words that hopefully sound good, but not sure if we are saying much of anything at all.

HOWEVER, we are deeply touched by the love and care behind the asker and so appreciate  and thank you for asking.

So, How are we doing?  Well, here are a few emotions that stand out at the moment.  We are:

BLOWN AWAY by the generosity, faithfulness, selflessness of our dear families, our friends, God’s people, new friends, anonymous givers, new acquaintances.  Some with many years of familiarity and depth of relationship, to those whom we have just met and have quickly found a special place in our hearts!!   We are humbled at the graciousness of those who have given so greatly, out of great sacrifice!  Sometimes, we feel like weeping when we receive such gifts as these....knowing full well, that God is greatly touched by your giving and He will be faithful to bless each and every one of you above and beyond what you will ever imagine!!

AMAZED at God’s faithfulness.   Not amazed in the sense, that we are surprised that God would be faithful :)  just in awe and wonder at how God’s chooses to prove himself faithful and how much he delights in showing his children how much he knows, loves and cares for them.  I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand or grasp the depth of HIs love for me.

THANKFUL for our families, friends, church!  You have been amazing from day one!  Thank you for believing in us!!  THank you for standing behind us wholeheartedly, Thank you for praying for us!  Thank you for encouraging us with the word of God and speaking life into us - that you have been pouring out on us from day one!!!
We can’t even begin to do this, not take one step forward without any of you!!   You are so extremely VITAL to all that we are about to do!!
Thankful for our Savior who goes before us, with us, beside us, behind us, over us!!!

HUMBLED that we are even worthy to represent you!!!  We are privileged to be your feet, to be your hands, to be an extension of the Body of Christ and to go forth in JESUS name for the sake of the Gospel.

ENCOURAGED as we say “See You Later”,  it does come with some  worry for our loved ones, for our friends, to wonder if this is the last time we will see some again, this side of heaven.   However, we are greatly encouraged by God’s word that speaks life to us and we cling to these promises:

*So do not fear, for I AM with you.  Do not be dismayed, for I AM your God.  I WILL strengthen you and help you.  I WILL uphold you with my righteous right hand.
*He will keep us/you in PERFECT peace, those whose minds are steadfast on Him  Isa 26:3-4
* Be strong and courageous, Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the LORD our/your God will be WITH us/you wherever you go   Josh 1:9
* God’s grace is sufficient for us/you for His strength is made perfect in our/your weakness.  So be Strong and courageous. Luke 18:29
* I am sending an angel ahead of us/ you to guard you along the way and to bring us/you to the place I have prepared.   Ex  23:20

So, until we meet again
MAY YOU BE BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE....May the Lord BLESS YOU and KEEP you!   May HIS FACE shine upon you and be gracious unto you!  

Do not love us more than you love JESUS!   
You know WHERE we are, and in WHOSE hands we are held in!!!