Monday, August 5, 2013


“How are you doing?” seems to be the common question of late.  Asked more times than we can count or even care to answer at times.  So many emotions, feelings, thoughts.  Overwhelming most of the time.  Hard to express exactly what we feel without tears rising to the surface.  So we simply nod our heads, smile and kind of throw out words that hopefully sound good, but not sure if we are saying much of anything at all.

HOWEVER, we are deeply touched by the love and care behind the asker and so appreciate  and thank you for asking.

So, How are we doing?  Well, here are a few emotions that stand out at the moment.  We are:

BLOWN AWAY by the generosity, faithfulness, selflessness of our dear families, our friends, God’s people, new friends, anonymous givers, new acquaintances.  Some with many years of familiarity and depth of relationship, to those whom we have just met and have quickly found a special place in our hearts!!   We are humbled at the graciousness of those who have given so greatly, out of great sacrifice!  Sometimes, we feel like weeping when we receive such gifts as these....knowing full well, that God is greatly touched by your giving and He will be faithful to bless each and every one of you above and beyond what you will ever imagine!!

AMAZED at God’s faithfulness.   Not amazed in the sense, that we are surprised that God would be faithful :)  just in awe and wonder at how God’s chooses to prove himself faithful and how much he delights in showing his children how much he knows, loves and cares for them.  I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand or grasp the depth of HIs love for me.

THANKFUL for our families, friends, church!  You have been amazing from day one!  Thank you for believing in us!!  THank you for standing behind us wholeheartedly, Thank you for praying for us!  Thank you for encouraging us with the word of God and speaking life into us - that you have been pouring out on us from day one!!!
We can’t even begin to do this, not take one step forward without any of you!!   You are so extremely VITAL to all that we are about to do!!
Thankful for our Savior who goes before us, with us, beside us, behind us, over us!!!

HUMBLED that we are even worthy to represent you!!!  We are privileged to be your feet, to be your hands, to be an extension of the Body of Christ and to go forth in JESUS name for the sake of the Gospel.

ENCOURAGED as we say “See You Later”,  it does come with some  worry for our loved ones, for our friends, to wonder if this is the last time we will see some again, this side of heaven.   However, we are greatly encouraged by God’s word that speaks life to us and we cling to these promises:

*So do not fear, for I AM with you.  Do not be dismayed, for I AM your God.  I WILL strengthen you and help you.  I WILL uphold you with my righteous right hand.
*He will keep us/you in PERFECT peace, those whose minds are steadfast on Him  Isa 26:3-4
* Be strong and courageous, Do not be terrified, do not be discouraged for the LORD our/your God will be WITH us/you wherever you go   Josh 1:9
* God’s grace is sufficient for us/you for His strength is made perfect in our/your weakness.  So be Strong and courageous. Luke 18:29
* I am sending an angel ahead of us/ you to guard you along the way and to bring us/you to the place I have prepared.   Ex  23:20

So, until we meet again
MAY YOU BE BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE....May the Lord BLESS YOU and KEEP you!   May HIS FACE shine upon you and be gracious unto you!  

Do not love us more than you love JESUS!   
You know WHERE we are, and in WHOSE hands we are held in!!!


  1. Focusing on the celebration of these moments where it is so clear as to how God has orchestrated so many different means of support financially, relationally, emotionally, and spiritually. Start speaking God's best over all those in the land you're called to impact. I will continue to speak His signs and wonders to follow you in the administrative mission work ahead.
    Vicki Sielaff

  2. Well, the reality has hit today. I knew it would. The enormity of 3 years, the looking back on the many years of friendship, all that we have been through together, it is hitting me today. Having known you for many years, I know your hearts and I am so happy that this is finally a reality for you. God's timing is never our own, but always perfect. I am praying for you, I am believing for you and with you, and I am excited for what God is going to do in you and through you. But right now, I am also grieving. I love you dearly, and I am going to miss you...painfully. Thankfully, God is the one in control and He knows and sees better than I do. And I continue to say, see you later...never goodbye.

    1. I grieve right there with you my friend. We have been through much together. Memories, both good and bad, but all for the purpose of growing us and molding us into the women we are today! I love you dearly, my friend, my sister!! Thank you for always believing in us, for all the times you have stood behind us. We treasure and value your friendship greatly. Don't ever forget how much I love you!! Until we are together again....see you later!!

  3. You have inspired all of us to be bold in our faith and obedient to the call of God to GO into all the world! Thank you, Kelly Family! Love you guys...praying for you daily!

    1. Thanks Kathy for your kind words! Thank you for always being the encourager! We appreciate it greatly!

  4. Wow - Finally here! Hard to believe, but in many ways it seems natural for you. Your example of faith and courage is amazing. Thank you for being an awesome example and giving us even more reason to get involved, maybe even visit!

  5. Your family has been and still is an example of what we want our family to strive for. Your faith and perseverance and relationship with God as a family is bold. Youve done great things in this part of the world, now you get to do great things in another part! Yes you will be missed but we can't help but be excited for you too. You are in His grip always!