Saturday, January 25, 2014

We just want to express our thanks to all you who have been following our updates and praying fervently for our family through this difficult time of many unknowns.

Tim's mom has been settled in and will be living with his sister during her time of treatments, physical therapy and radiation sessions.  She is still very weak and tires easily...but is working at regaining her strength back again.  Continued prayers for her ongoing as well as for family members who will be helping care for her.

Thank you to all who contributed to Tim flying home to be with his siblings and mom during this time, for those who helped him pack up her things, and taking care of him while in the states!  It was so greatly appreciated!

Tim will be heading back to Kenya Sunday and we are all very ready to have him back home!!   Thank you again!

May God Bless You!!!

The Kelly Family

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the Road

We are happy to say that Tim, his two sisters and his mom are on the road and traveling west to MT.   After may delays due to complications from the biopsies, the doctors agreed to discharge her for travel in order that they can begin to make their way to the hospital/doctors that will be working with her and future treatments.

Its been a long two weeks, with many emotional ups and downs. What we do know is that she has brain and lung cancer.  What we don't know, the family is hoping to get some answers once they arrive and have a chance to meet with the surgeons and doctors to determine the next step in her care and treatments.

Please continue to pray for:

*wisdom for Tim and his siblings as they help mom, making decisions, and go through this incredibly hard storm.

*for traveling mercies ~ they left 7 hrs ago from the hospital and are making their way to MT.  Have about 13-14 hours of travel left.  pray for excellent road conditions and ease of travel for all of them.

* wisdom for the doctors/nurses/hospital staff

* for each of the family members as we all are processing in this very emotional time, and especially the grandkids:  Sue/Brad ~ CO, Sara/David, Preston & Sydney ~ NM, Shannon/Jason, Hunter & Logan ~ MT, Tim/Chrissy, McKenna, Tommy, Kaden & Micah ~ Kenya, Africa

Thank you for all of you who have prayed, sent encouraging emails, notes, cards, offers to help in anyway and given towards expenses. We are so grateful to you for that! 

"God is who He says He is
God will do what He says He will do
We are who God says we are
God's word is alive and active in me

Thursday, January 9, 2014


Tim is on his way to the airport, getting ready to fly out tonight to MT.  Well, at least that was the plan.

However, upon receiving the latest update on mom just about an hour ago, Tim will now try to rearrange his flight to land in MN instead of MT.

The family decided, that with the seizures, biopsies procedures, possible surgery and treatment, Sally will need 24/7 care for the next few months.  The family decided for the time being that Sally should return to MT, to be cared for by Shannon and her sisters which is her best option at this time. 

On Monday, Mom had her first biopsy attempt on the spot on her lung to determine what kind of cancer she has.  The risks of this procedure is that She may experience:
** a 5% chance that the biopsy withdrawal would not be enough to test
** a chance that air pockets could develop in the lungs as a result of the biopsy procedure
** a risk of her lung deflating due to the air pockets from biopsy procedure.

After the first attempt on Monday, the Dr. reported that they did not get enough sample to gain conclusive results.  So, a secondary biopsy was scheduled for Wed with results coming back today.

After the second attempt, mom began to experience difficulty breathing and pain after the procedure (first attempt she had no pain).  They X-rayed her lungs to discover that there was an air pocket in her lungs.  

Prior to the biopsy procedures, the Dr had told Tim's sister, that Mom would be released for travel and could travel by airplane, as long as she stayed on her seizure medication.

However, after the second attempt and the complications of it, she is now unable to fly.

It is now a waiting game to see, if her lungs will "calm" down.   After another Xray today, the air pocket is larger and will not be discharged until the pocket decreases in size.  

So, Tim is going to attempt to change his flight to arrive in Mpls, MN meet up with his mom and sisters and then they will rent a vehicle and drive back to MT.

At times, this all seems so very complicated and overwhelming, especially when every decision is hinged upon what test results come back,or how mom is responding to procedures.   

Tim's sisters are exhausted, overwhelmed, worn down and rightly so.  THey have been by mom's side since Thursday.  

We know so many of you have committed to prayer on behalf of our family and we are so extremely grateful.

We are asking for you to continue to pray:

1.  For strength, understanding, discernment, peace, renewed energy, encouragement for Sara and Shannon and Tim

2.  For Tim as he travels back to the US.  Pray especially that British Airways will be leinent and understanding of Tim's change in destination and accommodate him to switch without penalties.

3.  For Tim as he will arrive exhausted into Mpls (after 24 hrs of travel), and then will have to turn around and drive another 20+ hours with his mom and sisters to MT. 

4.  Pray for alertness for Tim, renewed energy, supernatural strength for his family as they all look to him for strength, Godly wisdom and discernment.

5.  For myself and the children as we remain here in Kenya.   For God's favor and hand of protection in his absence.

6.  For decisions to come and wisdom for them.

7.  For test results that have yet to come in, for upcoming tests on Monday scheduled in MT and for plans for treatments.


Thank you to all of you who have given towards the emergency fund to travel back.  We are so blessed by your kindness and generosity.  

Thank you at this time just doesn't seem like its enough to say...but we are so THANKFUL for your care and commitment to stand with us at this time.  Thank you for the emails, notes of encouragement!  It boosters our faith, and has sustained us and encouraged us greatly!!

We love you all!

Tim and Chrissy and family

Monday, January 6, 2014

Thank you so much for the sentiments, heartfelt words of encouragement and passionate prayers for us as a family and on behalf for Sally and extended family members.  We are so blessed to be a part of the Body of Christ. You have demonstrated God's love towards us in the midst of this storm and we THANK YOU for that!!

You don't know how much it means to us - and even as hard as it is for us to be so far away...we have felt God's sustaining power and strength in the midst of the storm.

"Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the Presence of God in the midst of it all"

Update on Mom:

**She has been sleeping a lot mostly due to some of the medications she is currently on.  Tim had a chance to talk with her briefly last night when she was awake.

**Two tumors have been found in her brain - a  1" by 1" mass and the other a smaller spot.

**a complete body CT scan has revealed a spot on her lung.

So, here is what is to follow.  On Monday, a biopsy will be done on the spot on her lungs.  If the results come back that its the same type of cancer she had previously back in 2001, then the options for treatment are good.

However, if the biopsy report comes back as different than the type of cancer she has had, they then must call in a specialist to do a biopsy on her brain to determine what kind of cancer she has and what her treatment options are.

Depending on the test results, will determine how long she will stay in the MN hospital.   
It has been advised from the doctor that Mom will need help and assistance from her family.  Her family is working on what will be in her best interest and for the follow up care through surgery, recovery and treatment.

Tim and I have been discussing what he should do and we both agree that it is important for him to go and be with his mom and to assist his sisters in anyway possible.

Tim will most likely be flying out on Thurs Jan 9th. for an undetermined amount of time.    

Many people have been asking how they can help us in this situation, and for those who are wanting to do so, we could really use help in the expense of this unexpected circumstances. His expenses will be quite significant which covers the cost of his airfare, food/lodging and on the ground travel expenses incurred along the way.   

If you wish to contribute, and for tax deductible receipts, checks can be made out to and mailed to:

Living Hope Church 
Attn:  Tim Kelly/family emergency
1840 W Mason St
Green Bay Wi 54303


Tim Kelly (not tax deductible)
attn:  Bob WIgman
1300 Longtail Beach Rd
Suamico WI  54173

Thank you for your continued prayer support during this time.  It means the world to us!!


Friday, January 3, 2014

We covet your prayers!!

We are writing with heavy hearts and asking for your immediate prayers for our family and extended family members.

Last night we received word that Tim's mom (Sally Kelly) was traveling back from Montana (where she had spent Christmas with Tim's sister) and collapsed in the Mpls airport.  She suffered a seizure and was quickly taken to a hospital.   After they evaluated her and did some tests and a CT scan, they discovered a massive brain tumor that appears to be cancerous.

We are extremely thankful and grateful for friends who live in the mlps area who dropped what they were doing and went to the hospital to be with mom and minister to her and be with her as she received the news.  It is hard to even comprehend the feeling of being so far away and helpless to do anything or not be with someone you love during a crisis.

Tim's sisters have since arrived to be with mom in the hospital until specific tests results can be read and decisions can be made as to further treatment options.

At this point, mom is being sedated to keep her from experiencing more seizures and to minimize her stress and anxiety.  The doctors would like to do a biopsy but with the tumor being in the brain, makes it a bit more complicated.  We are unsure at this time whether mom will be able to travel back to Green Bay considering her condition.

Please pray for us as we search to come to terms and grasp with this situation and for wisdom as to what to do.

1.  For Tim's sisters as they are "on the ground" there with mom and there to help mom make decisions as to what to do next.

2.  For Tim as he is broken and torn being so far from home and considering what he needs to do - whether to travel home and when to do so.  

One thing we are sure of in the midst of all this uncertainty, is that God is in complete control.  This is not out of his range of knowledge.   And certainly He knew when He called us to come to Kenya so far away, that we would be faced with this storm!!   We have to trust that He cares and loves us and will be faithful to see us through this no matter what the outcome.

Thank you for praying!   We covet your prayers more than ever!!   We'll keep you updated as time goes on!!