Friday, January 3, 2014

We covet your prayers!!

We are writing with heavy hearts and asking for your immediate prayers for our family and extended family members.

Last night we received word that Tim's mom (Sally Kelly) was traveling back from Montana (where she had spent Christmas with Tim's sister) and collapsed in the Mpls airport.  She suffered a seizure and was quickly taken to a hospital.   After they evaluated her and did some tests and a CT scan, they discovered a massive brain tumor that appears to be cancerous.

We are extremely thankful and grateful for friends who live in the mlps area who dropped what they were doing and went to the hospital to be with mom and minister to her and be with her as she received the news.  It is hard to even comprehend the feeling of being so far away and helpless to do anything or not be with someone you love during a crisis.

Tim's sisters have since arrived to be with mom in the hospital until specific tests results can be read and decisions can be made as to further treatment options.

At this point, mom is being sedated to keep her from experiencing more seizures and to minimize her stress and anxiety.  The doctors would like to do a biopsy but with the tumor being in the brain, makes it a bit more complicated.  We are unsure at this time whether mom will be able to travel back to Green Bay considering her condition.

Please pray for us as we search to come to terms and grasp with this situation and for wisdom as to what to do.

1.  For Tim's sisters as they are "on the ground" there with mom and there to help mom make decisions as to what to do next.

2.  For Tim as he is broken and torn being so far from home and considering what he needs to do - whether to travel home and when to do so.  

One thing we are sure of in the midst of all this uncertainty, is that God is in complete control.  This is not out of his range of knowledge.   And certainly He knew when He called us to come to Kenya so far away, that we would be faced with this storm!!   We have to trust that He cares and loves us and will be faithful to see us through this no matter what the outcome.

Thank you for praying!   We covet your prayers more than ever!!   We'll keep you updated as time goes on!!

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  1. Yes, our Father is in control! He's got this covered. Lifting you all up in prayer!