Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Its Christmas Time

Christmas is almost here.  
Some have asked how they can encourage or bless us doing the holidays. Here are some ways to do so:

**LETTERS/CARDS ONLY to this address: 
Tim and Chrissy Kelly
c/o FTT
Box 3022-00506 
Nairobi Kenya, East Africa

Letters and cards cost about a $1 to send and takes about a month to receive.

**PACKAGES ONLY to this address: 
Tim and Chrissy Kelly
c/o Jason Witt 
PO Box 424 
Garissa Kenya 70100 
East Africa

Packages can be spendy to send and there is equal cost to us to retrieve it (i.e. whatever it costs you to send a package, will cost us the same amount to retrieve it) . If you send a package, please send to the GARISSA ADDRESS as the cost is less for us to retrieve it. Also, no packages can be picked up in December but anytime after that is okay. (Do not write an itemized list of your package or estimate the value of it...just indicate that it is gifts. ) Packages may take up to a month to get.

Please also let us know if you send a package, so we can be looking for it.

An alternative to sending packages is to send it with someone traveling here. We are expecting several visitors in this next year, and they may be willing to carry stuff over with them. Contact us, if you wish to do so via this route.

As always, monetary gifts are by far the easiest way to bless our family. Checks can be made out to:
Tim Kelly

and can be mailed to:

Bob Wigman 
1300 Longtail Beach Road, 
Suamico WI 54173 . 

All monetary gifts are directly deposited into our personal checking account and we receive it almost immediately.

Thank you and God Bless!