Thursday, January 9, 2014


Tim is on his way to the airport, getting ready to fly out tonight to MT.  Well, at least that was the plan.

However, upon receiving the latest update on mom just about an hour ago, Tim will now try to rearrange his flight to land in MN instead of MT.

The family decided, that with the seizures, biopsies procedures, possible surgery and treatment, Sally will need 24/7 care for the next few months.  The family decided for the time being that Sally should return to MT, to be cared for by Shannon and her sisters which is her best option at this time. 

On Monday, Mom had her first biopsy attempt on the spot on her lung to determine what kind of cancer she has.  The risks of this procedure is that She may experience:
** a 5% chance that the biopsy withdrawal would not be enough to test
** a chance that air pockets could develop in the lungs as a result of the biopsy procedure
** a risk of her lung deflating due to the air pockets from biopsy procedure.

After the first attempt on Monday, the Dr. reported that they did not get enough sample to gain conclusive results.  So, a secondary biopsy was scheduled for Wed with results coming back today.

After the second attempt, mom began to experience difficulty breathing and pain after the procedure (first attempt she had no pain).  They X-rayed her lungs to discover that there was an air pocket in her lungs.  

Prior to the biopsy procedures, the Dr had told Tim's sister, that Mom would be released for travel and could travel by airplane, as long as she stayed on her seizure medication.

However, after the second attempt and the complications of it, she is now unable to fly.

It is now a waiting game to see, if her lungs will "calm" down.   After another Xray today, the air pocket is larger and will not be discharged until the pocket decreases in size.  

So, Tim is going to attempt to change his flight to arrive in Mpls, MN meet up with his mom and sisters and then they will rent a vehicle and drive back to MT.

At times, this all seems so very complicated and overwhelming, especially when every decision is hinged upon what test results come back,or how mom is responding to procedures.   

Tim's sisters are exhausted, overwhelmed, worn down and rightly so.  THey have been by mom's side since Thursday.  

We know so many of you have committed to prayer on behalf of our family and we are so extremely grateful.

We are asking for you to continue to pray:

1.  For strength, understanding, discernment, peace, renewed energy, encouragement for Sara and Shannon and Tim

2.  For Tim as he travels back to the US.  Pray especially that British Airways will be leinent and understanding of Tim's change in destination and accommodate him to switch without penalties.

3.  For Tim as he will arrive exhausted into Mpls (after 24 hrs of travel), and then will have to turn around and drive another 20+ hours with his mom and sisters to MT. 

4.  Pray for alertness for Tim, renewed energy, supernatural strength for his family as they all look to him for strength, Godly wisdom and discernment.

5.  For myself and the children as we remain here in Kenya.   For God's favor and hand of protection in his absence.

6.  For decisions to come and wisdom for them.

7.  For test results that have yet to come in, for upcoming tests on Monday scheduled in MT and for plans for treatments.


Thank you to all of you who have given towards the emergency fund to travel back.  We are so blessed by your kindness and generosity.  

Thank you at this time just doesn't seem like its enough to say...but we are so THANKFUL for your care and commitment to stand with us at this time.  Thank you for the emails, notes of encouragement!  It boosters our faith, and has sustained us and encouraged us greatly!!

We love you all!

Tim and Chrissy and family

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