Tuesday, May 28, 2013

..IT GOES ON and ON:

As we are approaching the end of a two VERY busy months of preparation, with at times juggling multiple schedules, each with varied intensities.  We are tired, weary and just a bit fried both mentally, emotionally, physically and somewhat spiritually.  So, much has gone on, with most of the time, feeling like we are running a marathon over and over.

So, far in the last month and half we have had a whirlwind of fundraisers going on and personal family functions.

April:  Benefit concert fundraiser    (profit $3110)
           Personal Family Rummage Sale #1 (profit $1050)
May: Banquet/Auction fundraiser  (profit $12,389)
          McKenna’s graduation from High School
          Graduation party #1
          McKenna’s Senior Recognition night at Youth Group
          Graduation Party #2   
          Rummage Sale #2  (profit $4200)

Interestingly enough, the last five events all took place within one weeks time....

The remainder of this week we finish packing up and cleaning out our house, in preparation for packing a shipping container that will arrive at our house on Monday the 3rd.  We will have several hours to fill it with the items we are shipping to Kenya to help furnish our home and start our new life.   

June 3rd   pack up our belongings into a shipping container to Kenya.
June 5th   Move out of our home.  Begin our travel schedule.
June 5th-10th   Bethany, Mpls MN.  Meet with our Organization’s leadership, finalize            
                    last minute requirements and details.
June 10th - 11th    North Dakota, visit with some friends
June 12th-18th    Montana,  spending time with Tim’s sister Shannon and family
June 19th - 25th       Colorado, spending time with Tim’s sister, Sue and husband Brad,
saying goodbye to our beloved puppy Patch as he joins Sue and Brad’s
June 26th - July 1    New Mexico, spending time with Tim’s sister, Sara and her family
July 2nd - 13th   Back home to Green Bay, WI.    Spend time with family and friends.   
McKenna attends Camp for one week, Tommy spending time with
friends for the week as well.
July 14th - 15th        Canada, stopping and visiting with classmates and friends from
July 15th- 18th         Massachusetts, spending time with Chrissy’s brother, Michael and
family, as well as meeting with new friends
July 18th- 27th        Pennsylvania, spending time with Chrissy’s parents;  brothers:Kirby,
Eric, and Joel and their families
July 27th- Aug 5th Return to Green Bay, WI.   Spending time with Tim’s mom; friends

August 6th Moving day!!

We are EXTREMELY thankful and grateful for the sacrifices of many who have helped us in so many ways:  through serving with a servants heart in the various fundraiser events, financial gifts, faithful prayer warriors standing in the gap for us, encouragers who come at the right time to speak life into us, cheer us on as we run this race, God’s promises and word spoken to us daily, dear friends who step in time and time again to offer a helping hand and serve us with joy and love.  To all of you who fit into these categories....We can never say THANK YOU enough!!  We love you and appreciate you so very much!!

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