Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Later!

....its been a crazy busy, two weeks here in the Kelly household.   My brain is congested with details, information and mental lists upon lists on the brainwaves, the piles in the head are just as big as the piles of laundry that keeps accumulating or the piles of rummage sale items gathered and collected for this weekend's family rummage sale.  

Oh, and not to mention, life still takes place in the midst of it all and trying to keep that as normal as possible for our families sake.  There's track practice, meets (hopefully soon), play practice, dr appointments, eye appointments, physicals, dentist and orthodontist appointments, haircuts, prom shopping, drivers ed (yikes...we now have two teenagers on the road), spring band concerts, birthday parties and sleepovers, graduation for our first born (when did that happen????), fundraising events (the concert was great - by the way.  Thank you for all who came out in support and for all who put all the work into making it a success   -  BTW CHECK out the thermometer...its starting to move   :)

Oh, and in amongst all that stuff.....still sorting, packing, throwing out...sorting, packing, throwing out.....ok...I think you got the picture.

We don't have much to post this week.   However, we do appreciate all of you who are praying for us daily, for the words/notes of encouragement, the hugs.  Just knowing that in the midst of the crazy busyness, His grace is sufficient for all our needs.

A few prayer requests we ask you to keep before you:

**Continued clarity as we make up to the last minute decisions and finalize other important details.

**Continued peace, joy and rest in Him as we get closer and closer to our departure date

**For all the details to be covered, nothing missed or forgotten

**Continued flow and increase of monthly support and set up funds to come in

**the sale of items we must get rid of before we go.   (Van, furniture, miscellaneous household items, etc..)

**We have found a home for our dog, Patch.  Please pray for our family as we say goodbye to our beloved pet.

**Transitions, saying goodbyes to loved ones....hard to imagine...we would ever have to say goodbye to all we hold dear and familiar to us!

Thank you, We love and appreciate you!  Blessings

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