Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fear, Faith, God’s Power

One of the first days we were in Nairobi, we attended a funeral of a Christian brother who was martyred for his faith.  During the funeral service for this man, I began to ponder what the purpose was for his life and why it ended so soon.  Why was his life taken and the life of the man with him, spared.  The more I thought about the reality of what it means to follow Christ began to sink in.  Would our life be required of me/us?  It could.  

Christ told his disciples to “take up their cross and follow Him”.  This man, knew the cost of his faith would be his life.  Yet he lived by faith daily and through God’s power was able to accomplish great things for God’s kingdom and had a great impact on the community in which he lived in.  He did not hide away in fear for his life, nor did he hide that fact that he was a christian and lived out his faith daily with great risk to his and his family’s lives.  He lived for God knowing the cost for his faith would mean his life.   God’s power was evident in his life, despite persecution, and through the lives changed because of his faithfulness.   

I wondered if I would see God’s power in the midst of our lives as we step out of faith.  Ironically, it was through one common sight, that was one example to me of God’s power in such an ordinary, yet slightly humorous way.

In Nairobi, a common form of transportation is a mini van /taxi/local transportation called a “Matatu”.  Generally, you will see them packed to the hilt with people jammed in there and sometimes even hanging out the sides as the catch a ride to wherever they are going.  The fun part is looking to see what the name will be plastered on the side of each matatu.  Each matatu has a “name”.

Throughout the course of the two weeks, one matutu keep reappearing in my line of vision with the name of “God’s Power”.  I joking commented on how often I was seeing God’s power.  But in all seriousness, I believe God was speaking to my heart, reassuring me of not only His presence in the midst of an emotional rollercoaster, but reminding that His power is not just for momentary times or in great crisis, but that His power is and will be present in the everyday details of our life, big and small.   

The truth is, the life God is calling us to is not without obstacles, difficulties, challenges, and fearful situations that will threaten our will, emotions, commitments and desire to serve.  His word says, “In this world you will have troubles, but take heart I have overcome it”.  What that says to me, that no matter what each day brings, God’s power is with us!  There is no room for fear, yet, fear will try to make room, in fact consume, grip. take hold of our hearts and minds and will seek to overwhelm us and devour in the process.

I wouldn’t be honest in saying I have no fear.  I have lots of fears.  But what God keeps whispering to my heart is that when I seek Him, I will find him.  Perfect love casts out all fears.   For He has not put a spirit of fear, but of love and of a sound mind.

Knowing that God is with us, brings great reassurance.  Knowing that His power resides in us brings great peace!   


  1. Great reflections..thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember Michele's song during a fundraiser: Lord please don't send me to Africa. :) Funny song but I like your very realistic look at what lies ahead. How awesome to be able to totally lean on Jesus' Name. Very exciting. The best is yet to come!