Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Greetings from Sunny Kenya

We are doing well!   We want to give a brief update on what we have been doing over these last six days.
First of all, we have been enjoying the warm sunny weather here in Kenya.  It has been averaging about 70-75 deg every day.  A very welcome break from the winter and cold.  That’s been nice!
All our travel/flights to Kenya went very well.  It was actually very relaxing traveling with only ourselves and not 20+ other people!  :)
Upon arrival, we were met at the airport by Dan Germo and Jason Witt, our future team leader and colleague.  After gathering our belongings we headed to the Germo home where we will be their houseguest for the next two weeks.
Much of what we have done throughout each day involves time and traveling.  The time to do either the errands, kids school and activity pickups/dropoffs, groceries, meetings with various individuals, or just getting from place to place takes time.  Interestingly enough, what would really irritate us in the states - like having to wait for things which then seems like such an inconvenience.  But here in Kenya, you really come to expect and accept that is just the way of life here and you either go with it and be flexible or you will become an extremely irritated person.
The positive of that is that it has afforded us many opportunities to talk, to share, to ask questions and to work through the schedule of topics that we have and helping us to prepare for our life changing move to Kenya.
So far, we have had the opportunity tour the school our kids will be attending next fall and to meet with staff and start the enrollment process for our kids, “window shopping” and price comparison for vehicles, furnishings, and basic setup necessities, eating multicultural foods such as Chinese, Ethiopian, Australian, and Kenyan, attending church service at Madaraka (and yes Tim and I were asked to give a customary greeting from our church), attended an international Mom’s in Touch meeting,  and many more day to day stuff.
We’ve also had several meetings to specifically discuss topics everything from how to shop/cook, care for a family, to immediate arrival set up details, expectations, culture shock and adaptation for our family, balance in personal expectations and for us as a family, to safety protocols.  Tonight we will have our first official team meeting where we will all get the opportunity to get to know each other and to begin building that dynamic and function as a team!  Later this week we hope to walk through a few houses to get an idea of where we want to live and what would fit the needs of our family.
The realization that life will dramatically change for us in so many ways has hit us in so many ways and at various times.  Our emotions are varied and rise and dip in waves, as I’m sure that this is just only the beginning.  Our emotions and feelings will change on a consistent basis and fail us every time.  But one thing has not changed and that is the knowledge that we are EXACTLY where God wants us to be.   And that God will remain FAITHFUL to us.  He promises do what He says He will do and for that we will cling to and trust Him at all times!!
We are extremely grateful for the Germo’s, the Witts and the rest of our team for the wisdom they are and will continue to impart, modeling grace, living by example, and sharing their life and ministry experiences, good and bad with us.  We know that they will be there to help us through the adjustment, through the mistakes we make all the while also allowing us to grow and learn at the same time too!   
Thank you our prayer and financial support team for enabling us to do this!!  We cannot even begin to do this on our own!!  We know and feel your prayers and so greatly appreciate your support and encouragement!  Keep it up!!!
Please also continue to keep us in your prayers as this next year will be full of many changes, challenges, and victories.
 Our next post will be fun for you the reader!   So, keep checking in and hopefully you all will enjoy the little “competition” we have coming up!


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