Saturday, January 25, 2014

We just want to express our thanks to all you who have been following our updates and praying fervently for our family through this difficult time of many unknowns.

Tim's mom has been settled in and will be living with his sister during her time of treatments, physical therapy and radiation sessions.  She is still very weak and tires easily...but is working at regaining her strength back again.  Continued prayers for her ongoing as well as for family members who will be helping care for her.

Thank you to all who contributed to Tim flying home to be with his siblings and mom during this time, for those who helped him pack up her things, and taking care of him while in the states!  It was so greatly appreciated!

Tim will be heading back to Kenya Sunday and we are all very ready to have him back home!!   Thank you again!

May God Bless You!!!

The Kelly Family

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